Publications: How to Learn Piano Scales

How to Learn Piano Scales

A Comprehensive Guide to Learning and Mastering Scales

New Publication: Available May 2024

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This book brings together the fundamentals of a method I have developed and used successfully over many years of teaching. It addresses the most common challenges surrounding a task that often seems difficult and daunting, making the learning of scales easy and approachable.


Scales are the foundation of Western musical grammar and composition. Harmony, melody and structure in music are based on their patterns and relationships. When we understand scales, our knowledge of the music we play is greatly enhanced. The Theory section explains scales in an easy-to-follow, systematic way.


Well-mastered scales are also at the foundation of a reliable piano technique. Learning and memorising their shapes, patterns, fingerings and coordination improve fluency in reading music and the ability to play repertoire in any key with confidence.


The main challenges pianists encounter when learning scales are:

1) remembering the shapes of left and right hand fingering patterns on the keyboard, 
2) learning how to coordinate playing them hands together in similar motion, and
3) knowing which black and white keys play together in contrary motion.

Seeing the notes written on a music staff does not tell us exactly where to place our fingers or how to navigate smoothly between black and white piano keys. 

Music notation shows which notes to play.

The pictorial guides show how to play them.

The instructions, pictures, photographs and special notations used throughout this book help develop reliable muscle memory for the patterns and coordination of every scale.


The information in this book is compatible with any teaching method or examination system.

If your students use the pictorial guides at home during their practice, you can be assured that they are developing reliable technical habits. The Theory and Technique sections also provide ongoing backup for you, freeing up valuable teaching time during your lessons.