Beginners' Programme Teacher

Daniel Faron-Clark

Hello and Welcome to the Beginners' Programme.

Having been surrounded by music since birth, I have had the fortunate opportunity to develop a  broad musical skillset spanning multiple instruments (classical guitar, electric guitar, piano, drums). As a child, my mother, Christine Faron, taught me piano. My late father, Julian Clark, was a world authority in the field of historic violin bows - both as a researcher and maker of bows for major orchestras throughout Europe. 

During my teenage years, I also learnt classical guitar, electric guitar and drums under the guidance of several highly skilled teachers, including Bradley Kunda (former member of Guitar Trek) and Lieutenant Colonel Craig Johnson (former Army Band drummer and Music Director of Army Bands, including the Royal Military College Band in Canberra).

I have spent years playing in bands, writing music, jamming with friends and playing shows. I am completing a Bachelor of Music at the Australian National University, majoring in composition, as well as preparing to complete an additional major in jazz guitar performance.

I started teaching beginner piano in 2018, and have accumulated a dedicated student basis. I also teach guitar, offering tuition at a general beginner to intermediate level. I enjoy writing and recording my own music at my home studio and working toward further expanding my craft through additional private tuition with select international specialist performers. 

In my work as a teacher, I emphasise developing musicianship across multiple levels, focusing on theoretical knowledge and aural skills as well as instrumental ability. My goal is to encourage students to cultivate their own unique musical practice, while guiding their growth by providing clearly defined paths toward functional musical skills.