Beginners' Programme


As part of my extended piano studio, I am proud to offer this special programme designed specifically for beginner to intermediate level students of all ages.
Students are taught one-on-one by teachers exclusively trained and authorized by me to guide them through their preliminary to intermediate music studies in a manner completely consistent with my own teaching methods, techniques and philosophies.

Parents are encouraged to sit in on lessons - both to gain a thorough understanding of their children's musical learning journey, and to develop rapport with their teacher - and to feel connected to their children's ongoing experience.

A special beginner’s studio, adjacent to my main studio, has been set up especially for this purpose.
It includes a beautiful new piano, exciting orchestral backings to the music being learnt, professional score-writing facilities, and many fun and engaging activities.

Since the teaching takes place "under my wing", my advice and supervision is always readily available when required.  Furthermore, those who have learnt the basics in this programme are guaranteed priority on my waiting-list when they are ready to study with me.

Because it’s important to get off to a good start, I offer a free, informal, obligation-free first consultation. Come and meet me, see both my studios, ask all the questions you want… This way, you can feel comfortable with your choices, I can assess your needs, advise you on book/piano purchases etc., and you / your child will know exactly what to expect at your first lesson.

For Enquiries, email:
Phone: 0417 668 381